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Certificate in Worship Leadership is a Course

Certificate in Worship Leadership

Feb 7, 2024 - Dec 30, 2024

$500 Enroll

Full course description

Welcome to the Certificate in Worship Leadership! The Certificate in Worship Leadership is intended for the cultivation and formation of worship pastors in the church. In this certificate, you will examine principles of worship in order to know how to design and lead content for services of Christian worship as well as what it truly means to be a Worship Leader. The non-credit certificate presents you with opportunities to explore biblical, theological, historical, and practical components of worship while learning to reflect on aspects of worship through song. Our hope is that anyone who participates in this institute will discover new understandings and appreciations for Christian worship and enter into new depths of reflection on God’s revealed beauty and glory.

Experiential learning is central to every certificate offered through Asbury Theological Seminary.  Each module is taught by academically and experientially qualified faculty and professionals who equip you to live into your calling with Christ-like leadership in this ever-changing world. In this certificate, you will learn about the following:

Module 1: The Role of a Worship Leader
Module 2: The Spiritual Life of a Worship Leader
Module 3: Foundations of Worship
Module 4: Worship Leadership in the Weekly Service
Module 5: Three Streams Worship

Additionally, anyone who participates in the Certificate in Worship Leadership will be given a full scholarship for our Worship Songwriting Experience, an approximately two month program in which you receive a Module of learning on songwriting for the church and participate in a songwriting retreat to collaborate and write worship songs with other songwriters.

During the checkout process, enter the promotional code below that corresponds to the payment plan you desire to be on.  This will make it so that you only have to pay the amount of the initial payment to register.  Once you have completed the check out process, please email with your name, phone number, payment plan selection, and some times of availability so that a Center for Formational and Missional Training Team Member can contact you in order to set up your recurring payments.  Failure to complete this step will result in the inability to participate in the Certificate until you have done so.   

Our payment plans are as follows for our 50% off promotion:

-Full payment at the time of registration
-2 Payment Payment Plan - Pay $250 at the time of registration and another $250 within 3 months time - coupon code 2PMPL
-5 Month Payment Plan - Pay $100 at the time of registration and then $100 a month for the next 4 months (a total of 5 months of time) - coupon code 5PMPL
-8 Month Payment Plan - Pay $62.50 at the time of registration and then $62.50 a month for the next 7 months (a total of 8 months of time) - coupon code 8PMPL

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